1. Mo † Mo in Italy

  5. 666666 // The forest frog crosses a forgotten chain

    Rome-Italy, 2012

    pictures of scenic installation

  6. µ  øππ  ∂


  8. Note in Indierocks magazine

  9. Mo † Mo :::: :::  2013
    Down in the hill of God

    It will be an act, an escenic installation in which three performers will show, through the mix of dances, images and sounds, an abstract allegory of evolution.

    The viewer will be immersed in a sensory trance through the transformation mechanisms and interaction of visual, auditory and body that reflect the iridescent tour of vernal times. Stadiums of intelligence about life in the world.
    An opening to mental horizon of the future.

    The event will be divided into three moments:

    I) Primal Archaea   II) Alpha  Instinct    III) UFO

  10. The Lost Mind in Coran (Seytan find Lilith)

    LPM México City january 2013

    Theater of Arts of CNA